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Help for startups in Italy at an affordable price

We are passionate about helping Italian startups and entrepreneurs. We help young entrepreneurs establish their companies in Italy and take care of administrative issues.
startup Italystartup Italy
startup Italystartup Italy

Branch in Milan with a wide regional network

STARTUPS.IT helps aspiring entrepreneurs set up their company and take on troublesome administrative tasks! In addition to consulting, we offer incorporation, contractual, tax and corporate consulting services.

Since the early years when we opened the branch in Milan, we have collaborated with Studio Locatelli Sani Ravani & Associati.

We help new founders with passion. Our mission is to facilitate the incorporation process for new Italian entrepreneurs and to serve different types of advice at an affordable price for everyone.

Our story begins in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 2005, where STARTUPS.CH, a company owned by the Swiss holding company Nexus Group (www.nexus-group.com), was founded.

Since 2016 we have been present in Italy with a branch in Milan.

STARTUPS.CH is the market leader in Switzerland. We have extensive experience and have in-house lawyers, trustees and business consultants.

With STARTUPS.CH you can form your own company throughout Switzerland, as we provide you with more than 26 consultants in as many different locations throughout the country. Benefit from our experience gained from more than 30,000 incorporations. The STARTUPS.CH team offers you comprehensive advice and supports you before, during and after the establishment of your company. Take full advantage of the advice, as you will be comprehensively advised by us on all areas of your interest and on the spot. We will help you clarify concrete problems concerning your project and find the optimal solution. Do you have questions about value-added taxes or company names? With STARTUPS.CH you will be able to clarify even these last doubts.

Studio Locatelli was founded by Prof. Alfonso Locatelli in the 1960s. Dr. Valerio Locatelli then continued in the practice of his father's activity as a Certified Public Accountant, giving an important impetus to the growth and specialization of the firm, in order to allow an adequate response to the emerging needs in the modern economic environment.

With this in mind, the integration in the structure of different professional figures specialized in different areas of activity took place, not only Chartered Accountants, but also Lawyers, Notaries and sector experts, determining the modern multidisciplinary reality currently represented by Studio Locatelli Sani Ravani & Associates.

The firm, over the years, has expanded its territorial presence by placing side by side with its historical headquarters in Corso XXII Marzo No. 33 - Milan, the prestigious offices located in Via Agnello No. 19, adjacent to Piazza della Scala - Milan.

To date, Studio Locatelli Sani Ravani & Associati is configured as an integrated multidisciplinary firm serving the business world and stakeholders.

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We are a Swiss company based in Italy, with local staff and international experience. We have established many companies and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs.
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Thanks to our web platform, you can contact us quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our customer service, we will call you back within 24 hours.
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Full services
With our multidisciplinary team reinforced by local accountants, we support you before, during and after the establishment of the company.
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Friendly counseling
In addition to the service of setting up your company we also provide tax accounting advice so that you can successfully start your business.
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Affordable prices
Knowing the financial situation during the initial stage of a startup, we offer services at transparent and affordable prices.
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Personalized counseling
Our specialists are at your disposal for any kind of advice (business, legal and tax). We can also be reached online upon request.
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We plan your business
We are the only ones in Italy to assist you in starting your business and then to help you plan your business, all in one place.
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Focus on your business
With us you can start a business faster than if you tried it on your own, why? Because we free you from bureaucracy.