€ 300
Voucher worth € 300
in the case of entrusting the company with annual assignment

How to set up an LLC in Italy

Our specialists help you open an S.r.l.s or S.r.l.s. in different locations in Italy.
Fill in the contact form
Choose the desired incorporation package and you will be redirected to the contact form provided to let us know your intentions. We will contact you shortly to clarify your concerns regarding the incorporation of your company.
rellena formulario lanzatesolo
Making an appointment
After we receive your application, we will contact you to clarify your concerns regarding the establishment of the company and finalize the order. You can schedule an initial interview here.
concertar cita lanzatesolo
Incorporation of the company and opening of the VAT number
As soon as we have clarified all doubts and gathered all information, we will proceed with the incorporation of the company, registration in the Commercial Register and opening of the VAT number.
crear empresa chile
Play Hard, Work Hard!
Congratulations! Your company has been successfully incorporated in Italy. Celebrate this unforgettable moment to the fullest. You can start implementing your business idea right away.
startup Italy
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Here's what you need to consider if you plan to form your own company in Italy:

Finding a good business idea for the startup

A good business idea is the basis of a successful business establishment. Ideally, this is an idea or business model that does not yet exist-in other words, an innovative idea. However, a good business idea can also be to do something that already exists in a completely different way. Or a business of one's own, instead of the previous employer.
idea startup
Experience in the field where you want to launch the startup
Ideally, you have already gained experience in the field in which you want to start your own business. Our experience shows that founders of companies with industry experience are more successful than "newcomers."
lanciare startup
Self-confidence and strong will to get the startup off the ground
Successful entrepreneurs are willing to work 50 to 60 hours a week, dispense with vacations and, despite all doubts, follow their idea. Believe in yourself, in your business idea, and in the fact that the future is in your hands. This will enable you to deal optimistically with possible changes and unforeseen events.
volontà startup

A good business plan for the startup

The business plan is the guideline for setting up a business. It evolves with your company and always adapts to the latest developments. In this way you can proceed systematically, identify potential problems early and take countermeasures.
business plan startup
Financial control of the startup
Aspiring entrepreneurs do not have to swim in money to start a business. As a rule, however, success is not as quick as you might think at first. Therefore, do not overestimate your financial resources. Do you have some knowledge in business administration? You will be better able to react more quickly and keep your finances and liquidity under control.
finanze startup
Marketing concept clear and in line with the startup's vision
The more you know about how to bring your products or services to market, the greater your chances of long-term independent success. Invest in online seminars on marketing or learn about the various possibilities in one of our courses.
marketing per startup
Competitive advantage over other startups
No matter how good your business idea is: You must constantly rework your success. Keep researching the competition, planning ahead, developing improvements and implementing them. That way you will not lose your competitive advantage. It is better to act first instead of always reacting to the competition.
cooperazioni con startup
Startup management support
Your chances of success will increase if you can draw on the knowledge of experienced managers. These may be financiers, lawyers, or successful business colleagues. They can also open doors for you that would otherwise have remained closed.
supporto per  startup
Cooperations with other startups or companies
No one is an expert in all fields. It is advisable to build a network of cooperations. This way you will have access to additional know-how. Networking workshops teach you how to create an effective network.
vantaggio competitivo per startup
You have observed all the points listed and want to try your hand at self-employment. From now on you need perseverance: forming a startup is a real marathon during which you can hardly keep up without outside support. Focus on your startup and let us take care of the administrative work of establishing your company. Together with our partners we support you before, during and after the founding.
startup perseveranza

Services for startups in Italy

Our experts will help you set up and run your business. How can we help you?
Incorpration LLC (simplified)
€ 900**
The most
economical solution
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Incorporation LLC (ordinary)
€ 1.900**
Ideal for
who is ready to take off
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startup Italy
Incorporation LLC (ordinary)
€ 2.300**
Ideal for who
needs assistance
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Priority service
Global Consulting
€ 600**
Ideal for
foreign founders
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startup Italy
Accounting consulting
price on request
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startup Italy
Tax consulting
price on request
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startup Italy
Contractual consulting
price on request
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startup Italy

* Fulfillment of the request will be subject to appropriate and necessary verifications in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations.
** The price quoted is inclusive of professional fee and VAT, net of withholding tax.
*** The contents of this package are intended to be exclusively those detailed in the "INCLUDED SERVICES" section. Any other requests or variations in the terms and benefits of the package will be subject to separate quantification. It is always possible to add to the all-inclusive package the "EXTRA SERVICES" indicated in the appropriate section, if not already included in the identified package.
**** Share capital is required by law for incorporation and is to be excluded from the price shown for the identified all inclusive package.
***** The disbursement of the "BONUS CONSTITUTION" is subject to the signing of a regular annual engagement letter with Studio Locatelli Sani Ravani & Associati for the entrustment of the ordinary accounting, tax and corporate management of the newly formed company (to be quantified separately). The voucher is intended to be spendable only against the amount of the first invoice received under the annual assignment itself.

startup Italy
We are a Swiss company based in Italy, with local staff and international experience. We have established many companies and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs.
startup Italy
Thanks to our web platform, you can contact us quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our customer service, we will call you back within 24 hours.
startup Italy
Full services
With our multidisciplinary team reinforced by local accountants, we support you before, during and after the establishment of the company.
startup Italy
Friendly counseling
In addition to the service of setting up your company we also provide tax accounting advice so that you can successfully start your business.
startup Italy
Affordable prices
Knowing the financial situation during the initial stage of a startup, we offer services at transparent and affordable prices.
startup Italy
Personalized counseling
Our specialists are at your disposal for any kind of advice (business, legal and tax). We can also be reached online upon request.
startup Italy
We plan your business
We are the only ones in Italy to assist you in starting your business and then to help you plan your business, all in one place.
startup Italy
Focus on your business
With us you can start a business faster than if you tried it on your own, why? Because we free you from bureaucracy.